Blower Door Testing

Blower Door Testing is the most comprehensive and thorough diagnostic test that can be done on your home to find and fix issues related to: dust, humidity, duct leakage, uneven temperatures in rooms, attic insulation, leakage in the building envelope, airflow, ventilation, and more!


This test is like having an MRI performed on your house!  As of July 2017, the State of Florida now requires a Blower Door Test to be performed on ALL new construction.  


The purpose is to verify that new homes fall within the Florida Building Code requirement of 3 to 7 Air Changes per Hour (ACH).  If a house is too tight it needs “fresh air” or mechanical ventilation to be brought in.  If it exceeds 7 air changes the builder is required to tighten the house up via gaps, crack, and holes until it meets the states criteria.  


We’ve been doing blower door testing for over 12 years and have the tools and expertise to help you solve any building science related concerns.


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