Air Safe Filters

Having a high efficient quality air filter is your first line of defense in keeping your AC unit and duct work clean.  The best air filter is one that can stop enough dust and debris but still allow optimum air flow to pass through. This is typically a MERV 8 filter. 


MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value.  MERV is an international standard that rates all filters from 1-16, 16 being the highest, AKA… HEPA filtration.  The cheap fiberglass filter from the grocery store is a MERV 2. Our AirSafe filter is the best 1” filter on the market. It’s high efficiency, hypo allergenic, disposable yet recyclable, and gasketed!!  


Since an air filter is only as good as what gets caught, having a gasket around the perimeter ensures everything must go to the filter and not around it.


Filter bypass is a common problem that can lead to excessive dust and dirt build-up in your air handler unit and duct system.  Some homeowners have even tried use blue painters tape around the edge of their cardboard filters to help but nothing compares to the AirSafe filter!! We stock over 20 different sizes and can make any custom size in one day.


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